Monday, June 10, 2019

Over The Fields...

My apologies.. it's been 2 weeks since my last post.  I was all set to do a post last week when my mum was taken into hospital, thankfully nothing too serious and she should be out soon, possibly tomorrow.

We are lucky where we live, as we back onto farmland and I am able to walk the dog across the fields and onto the common land beyond.  Which is great for spotting some different wildlife to what we have visit the garden.  It's also great for capturing birds that are flying over too.

Skylarks are in decline and are on the UK Conservation Status as RED.  I am really lucky as there are several on the fields where I walk and it is a great joy to have their beautiful song with me when I walk.. I can often be seen standing in the fields looking upwards, watching and listening to their display flights.. in fact I'm can often be seen in the fields looking and listening to everything.. much to my dog's annoyance.. haha.

Other birds on the RED list that I see often on my walks are the Yellowhammer and Linnet.. in fact there is a large flock of Linnets which is wonderful to see.  The Fieldfare is another bird on the RED list but they can often been seen here when they migrate to the UK for the Winter months.  Both the Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush are on the RED list.. I can spot the odd one in the fields as well as in my garden but they are definitely not as common here as they once were.

I'll leave you with some photos of some of the birds, etc that I have seen over the past few months on the dog walk. 


Swallow - so pleased to capture one in flight

House Martin


Great Spotted Woodpeck

Bumble Bee - I have yet to learn the names of different ones

Tortoiseshell Butterfly 

Bumble Bee

Canada Geese


Song Thrush

Flock of Linnets

Female Linnet
Male Linnet

Female & Male Linnet

Female & Male Mallard Ducks

Male Pheasant 


Skylark in display flight



Mistle Thrush

Common Whitethroat

Common Whitethroat

Pair of Buzzards


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Captain's Wood

I've been wanting to write a this post for a few days now but I've been so busy in the garden and then too tired in the evening to sit at the computer and type.  But today it's a little colder and rather wet with rain showers.. although I won't complain at the rain as we are in desperate need as the water butts are getting very low and the garden could do with the water.

Before I started this blog my husband and I had already visited a few different places that I like to share with you. As the title of this post states, this post is about Captain's Wood which is in Sudbourne, a village near to where I live and is a Suffolk Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve.

We visited the wood twice.. once before the trees had fully come into leaf and then again when the bluebells were in flower. Captain's Wood is an ancient woodland habitat with trees such as oak, birch, hazel, scots pine, sweet chestnut amongst others.  There are also areas of rough grassland and scrub.

It was a beautiful sunny day on our first visit and as we entered the reserve the first thing we spotted was a buzzard flying overhead.  As we walked the sound of the birdsong was beautiful and we made many stops just to stand and listen.  The trees were also beautiful with many old ancient oaks, some trees had fallen or were damaged and/or slowly rotting, which is then helping to support the invertebrates and fungi.  We spotted colourful male pheasants.. the odd butterfly.. this peacock being the only one I managed to get a photo of.  We also spotted a hare which spotted us and ran off before I could lift my camera.

As we got to one of the grassland areas, in the distance we spotted the herd of fallow deer.. and of course they spotted us.  So we very slowing crept closer until I was able to get some fairly good photos.

On our second visit we purposely went just to see the blues and they didn't disappoint... they were stunning.  On this day though, the weather wasn't as nice as it was on our first visit as it was mainly overcast but we did have some sunny spells.  The trees looked even more splendid clothed in their spring leaves and this time we managed to see several squirrels and one was even kind enough to stay still long enough for me to take it's photo.  We shall definitely be going back to see what else we can discover.