Thursday, June 27, 2019

Bromeswell Green

We were just going to go for a coffee this morning, at one of our favourite little cafes we like to visit, which is within a small garden nursery not far from us.  Before we set off, I remembered that not far from there, there was a little Suffolk Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve called Bromeswell Green which was in same village as the nursery called.. well.. Bromeswell.   It's only 8.1 miles from us and yet again, we had never visited.

On the Trust's website it describes Bromeswell Green as -
Small but charming. A circular pedestrian trail round the reserve of 7 hectares, finishing with a short section of walk on a minor road back to the car park. There is kissing gate access to a fenced wildflower meadow area. There is a possibility of grazing animals.

Not far into the trail we heard some beautiful birdsong which was coming from nearby trees.  We stood still for a moment to listen and then there was a flutter of several pairs of wings.  One little bird appeared on a nearby branch and I was able to get a couple of photos of it.  Then we spotted another bird in the tree behind.. so I quickly snapped a photo of that one too.  Looking at the photos on the camera I thought at first that they were Whitethroats, one of them being a juvenile.. but then I realized that the top of the head colour was wrong.. so upon googling I found that I had actually took photos of a juvenile Blackcap and a female Blackcap with her chestnut coloured cap.

Young Blackcap

The same young Blackcap

Blackcap - Female

We came to the fenced off meadow area and we were about to go through the gate but then we spotted some little faces peering at us, huddle in the corner.. we didn't want to frighten them any more so we decided to give the meadow area a miss.

Although this nature reserve was only small, it was a delight to walk round.. 

There were several bird boxes on the trees

Red Admiral

Red Campion

Speckled Wood

another Speckled Wood

When we returned to the car park we noticed that a flattened walkway had been made, through the grass and reeds, to the River Deben.. so of course we had to go and have a look as it did say on the board that you might be able to spot a Kingfisher.. a bird I love but had never seen in real life.  But unfortunately we weren't lucky this time... One day I will get to see one.

The River Deben

The River Deben

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

RSPB Minsmere

Thanks for all your comments on my previous post and I am feeling much better now, thank you.

Yesterday morning we decided on a visit to Minsmere. Before setting off, we said we would do the Woodland Trail again. as the trees weren't in leaf when we last did it... but it came over very dull and dark as we drove along the entrance road, which goes through part of the wooded area.  So once we had parked the car we decided not to do that trail and do it when the sun was shining another day.  If only we knew.. after a while the sun came out and it turned into a very warm and muggy morning.

We went a little way along the north wall, a part we hadn't been to before.. and wow.. we were treated to a fantastic sight of Sand Martins feeding their young.  I even took a small, 20 second video of them, it was wonderful to watch.

We got to see lots of dragonflies and damselflies flying around and also got a few photos of those that landed.  On the walk I managed to spot a couple of moths that I've now managed to name and also took a photo of a faded, ragged winged painted lady.  

Black-tailed Skimmer - female

Azure Damselfly

Four-spotted Chaser

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Four-spotted Chaser eating a damselfly

Drinker Moth

Cream-spot Tiger Moth

Painted Lady

Here are a few of the other birds we saw..

Greylag Goose and young

Avocets and their little one

Red Shank

Young Black Headed Gull


Common Tern

I'll leave you with some final photos.. It was a lovely but hot and sweaty morning at Minsmere! 

Southern Marsh Orchid

Yellow Flag Iris